last updated Jan 2016
To assist readers, the following abbreviations are generally used in the Birding News section:-

General abbreviationsGPs = Gravel pits,   gardens  = seen in vegetated gardens at the Bill-tip,    Hbr = Harbour,   N,E,S,W etc = cardinal compass points, usually indicating general direction of flight,   os = offshore/on sea (as appropriate),   ob = on beach,   p = present (i.e in general area),  SF = Sewage farm.
Plumage abbreviations:
d/p = dark phase (e.g. skuas),  juv = juvenile,   l/p = light phase,   s/p = summer plumage,   w/p = winter plumage,   1st-s = first-summer,   1st-w = first-winter,  2nd-s = second-summer etc and so on.
Contributors: The following list relates to observers/contributors and we apologise in advance for any omissions or our forgetfulness at busy times. It will not include everyone who has watched throughout the years as this is impossible for us to know; however it does include all those who have submitted records, information or other material since the blog started in March 2013. The initials are those that will be used in the news texts or where otherwise appropriate.
JA = Justin Atkinson (Justin is the sea watch log-keeper; records please to )
JAr = John Arnott
SA = Simon Allday

AB = Ads Bowley

AGB = Aaron Bowley
NB = Nigel Barnes
NBd = Nick Bond
PB = Paul Bowley
RB = Rob Best
SB = S Bignold

AC = A Cheesman

BC = B Coates
CBC = Barry Collins

J-PC = John-Paul Charteris
MaC = Margaret Collins
PC = Peter Callis

TC = Tim Calloway

JD = John Dodd
MD = Martin Daniel

CE = Colin Eames
DE = D Elliot
IE = I Elliot
JE = John Edwards
LGRE = Lee Evans
ME = Mich Eames

AF = Alan Ford
BFF = Bernie Forbes
DF = Dave Francis
DSF = Dave Flumm
KF = Krys Furlepa
YF = Yvette Ford

CG = Chris Glanfield
CGo = C Gooddie
JG = J Goodridge
KG = Karen Galtry
MG = Mike Galtry

SG = Steve Gilbert
TG = Trevor Guy
TGP = Trevor Gibson-Poole

AH  = Andy House
CJH =  C J Harris 
CHW = Chris Hyde-Wear
GH = George Heath
GaH = Gareth Hughes
MH = Mike Henty

NH= Nico House
PHa = P Hammond

PH = Pete Hughes
RH = Roy Hughes

RHa = Richard Hatch
SaH = Sandra Hill
SH = Sam Hill
SHo = Steve Hooper
StH = Steve 'the Hat'

BI = Bart Ives
RI = R Iredale

BJ = Beryl James

CRJ = Chris Janman
GJ = Graham Jenner
KJ = Kerry Jackson
PJ = Paul James

DK = Dave Killick
JK = Jean Killick
PK = Peter Knox

IL = Ivan Lang
BL = Bob Lyle

CM = Chris Moore
CMc = Clare McKee
DM = Dorian Mason
GM = Guy Michelmore
JM = Juliet Moore
MMc = M McKee
NM = Neil Mustard
OM = Owen Mitchell
PM = Paul Matson

CN = Chris Northwood

RN = Roy Newnham

BO'D = Barry O'Dowd
MO-W = Martin Orchard-Webb

AdP = Anne de Poitier
AP = Alan Payne
DP = Dave Potter
DAP = David A Potter
IP = Ian Pitts
JP = Jonathan Palmer
MP = Martin Peacock

JR = John Rowland
MR = Mary Roterman
MRo = Mick Rose
RR = R. Reedman
SR = Sarah Russell
TR = Terry Rawlings
TRo = Tim Roe

CS = Chris Seaton
DS = Dave Sneller
DSa = Dave Sadler
DSh = Dave Shepherd
DIS = Dave Smith

ES = Eric Soden
ESt = E. Stubbs
JS = John Stanton
NS = Nick Skilbeck
PLS = Paul Stent
RJS = Dick Senior

AT =  Adrian Thomas
CT = Caroline Tazzyman
GT = Gary Trew
GJT = Greg Tamlyn
KT = Kevin Tubb
ST = Steve Thomas

AW = Fr Andy Wilkes
CW = Chris Wilson
GW = Guy Wilkerson
JDW = Jim Weston
JWo = Jeffrey Wootton
MW = Mike Welcome
SW = Steve Williams

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  1. Three pictures from my first real seawatching at Selsey Bill. Thanks to Owen whom I met there and who pointed me in the right direction (literally). Also thanks to the Birding The Selsey Peninsula blog ( which inspired me to give it a go. Highlights for me were passages of Gannet, Common scoter, Sandwich and Common terns. Also Great black-backed gull. (Total for 2017 now at #155.).
    Now I need Lesser Black-backed gull and Lesser whitethroat - what is it with Lesser this year!